This Is The Best Floor To Live In Condo

When looking for a condo there are always many things to consider. The ideal condominium must, of course, be located in a strategic location, near the workplace, easy access and adequate facilities like that of kopar at newton. But in chasing a condo, there is one secondary factor that is often missed to consider. In fact, this factor also has the potential to affect your daily lifestyle, you know, the selection of condo floors.

So, which are the most desirable condo floors? The choice, top floor, middle or bottom. Let’s check what are the advantages and disadvantages!

The Most Upper Floor Condominium Interested
If you crave a beautiful view, choose the condo on the top floor. In addition, it also reduces the noise level coming from pedestrian traffic inside and outside the building. Relatively safer from theft even though this is not a guarantee.

You can also get abundant sunlight. However, this will increase the AC bill during the summer. Condominiums on the top floor are the most popular investor because it can increase the value of condo rental.

Very Central Floor Condominium
Upstairs and downstairs are good choices depending on what you need. But in terms of temperature and the trip to or from the condo to the exit, each shows the opposite side. As a result, the middle floor is the right choice.

About the view, the middle floor condo is equally interesting. You will also have two neighbors, above and below. This floor is also not too noisy because of road traffic.

Elderly-Friendly Downstairs Condominium
A condo downstairs also offers some interesting facilities. If you have a baby that is still small, you should not choose a unit that is too high. Choose a unit on the ground floor so you can make it easier for your baby to play outside.

In addition, the advantage of being downstairs is for elderly residents who do not need to use the elevator to enter or leave the condo.

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